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Pure Kracht

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WPG Uitgevers BE - General, 17 Oct. 2011

Step into the life of Dirk Baelus, a thirty-two year-old triathlete. His specialty is the full triathlon, which is 3.8 kilometres of swimming, 180 kilometres of cycling and 42.2 kilometres of running. Through his passion for sports he discovered another passion, namely whole food-based and organic food. That was not the case four years ago. He ran a night pub, drank a lot of alcohol, ate unhealthy and smoked. Now he writes about how a healthy diet and lifestyle give him wings. What's more, he shows that top-level sports is possible in a completely natural way. In this way he is an inspiration to many. Learn from his willpower and methods and see how easy it is to make your life more vital and energetic. Aim for a balanced and super healthy meal that strengthens your body. In his book you will find simple tips for a healthier diet for everyone. A surprisingly honest book. Taste how simple tasty it can be!

Pure power

Kracht halen uit pure voeding

Pure for you

Gezonde voeding voor sporters, wandelaars, vegans, studenten, actieve en bewuste mensen

Pure guarantee

Onze producten zijn BIO en 100% natuurlijk

Pure ingredients

Wij gebruiken ingrediënten van de allerbeste kwaliteit