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Isotonic Energy Drink 'Fruit' 520g

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In Belgium and the Netherlands

The best of nature, that's Innerme's isotonic energy drink

A pure and natural sports drink for all sports and all ages, a healthy organic thirst-quencher and energy boost with ingredients of the highest quality. The unique concentration of carbohydrates (from rice, agave, fruit), salts and minerals (from Celtic sea salt) allows your body to absorb the sports drink very easily. Also ideal for endurance sports. The ideal glucose and fructose ratio ensures better sporting performance, and thanks to the high dose of vitamin C (from rosehip and acerola), resistance and endurance remain at a top level.


During exercise, dissolve 1 serving (1 serving = 40g = 4 scoops of 10g) in 500 ml water (= 35.85g carbohydrates).
Shake your powder bag well before use.
Shake your sports bottle (filled with powder and water) well before use.

  • 100% natural
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Without refined sugar
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to absorb and easy to digest
  • No burden for your body


Rice syrup*, agave*, rosehip*, acerola*, Celtic sea salt, freeze-dried papaya*, freeze-dried pineapples*

*From controlled organic farming

Nutritional value

Nutritional value per 100g/40g:

  • Energy: 1526kJ / 610kJ - 363kcal / 145kcal 
  • Fats: 0.2g / 0.1g of which 0.1g / 0.0g are saturated  
  • Carbohydrates: 89.6g / 35.85g of which 42.5g / 17g are sugars
  • Proteins: 0.87g / 0.3g
  • Salt: 1.8g / 0.72g 
  • Fibres: 4.3g / 1.7g
  • Vitamin C: 210mg / 84mg 

Pure power

Getting power from pure food

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Healthy food for athletes, hikers, vegans, students, active and aware people

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Our products are ORGANIC and 100% natural

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We use ingredients of the very best quality